Amazing Water & Sound Experiment

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I got the idea to do this from Brusspup, my favorite Youtuber. This is an amazing water and sound experiment you can try at home. Tape a vinyl hose to a speaker, run water through it, produce a 24 Hz sine wave, and turn up the volume. Most of us know what a sine wave is from trigonometry. Translate that to the movement of the speaker. Your brain's (eye's) frequency is much higher than that of a camera, so you must use a 24 FPS camera in order to see this stroboscopic effect. The water appears to be frozen in time. If you increase the frequency you get a slow motion forward effect. Decrease the frequency for a slow motion reverse effect. I used an amplified 12" infinity kappa at 700 watts. For more on this experiment: All you'll need is: 12" speaker Clear vinyl hose Sine wave generating software (23, 24, and 25 Hz) Duct tape A camera that is capable of filming in 24 frames per second
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