A Bird's Song Sounds Eerily Like A Computer On The Fritz

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A Polish blogger volunteering at a Brazilian breeding center had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of this Curl-crested Jay bird. This little guy, who resides at the Criadouro Onca Pintada breeding center in the city of Curitiba, has developed a rather surprising talent: the bird seems to have learned to mimic strange computer noises, and likes to shout them out at will. The Curl-crested Jay belongs to one of the few families of birds that have the ability to learn to mimic foreign sounds. This particular bird, one of many living at the breeding center after being rescued from illegal trafficking, has likely learned to make such odd noises due to increased contact with humans. Clearly, someone has been playing a lot of video games around him. Free Video = Facebook = Twitter = Free Girls Chat = Free Number Phone Girls = Free All =
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