WEF-Conference Plenary 4: Scientific approaches to implementing the nexus at various scales

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Tuesday, May 20th PLENARY 4: SCIENTIFIC APPROACHES TO IMPLEMENTING THE NEXUS AT VARIOUS SCALES Speakers: Byung-Wook Lee (KEI), Andrew Noble (WLE), Joseph Alcamo (University of Kassel, Germany), Johan Kuylenstierna (SEI), Zafar Adeel (UNU-INWEH) moderated by Claudia Ringler (IFPRI) At the community level, small hydropower and water-energy governance mechanisms could help address nexus tradeoffs. At the national level, investments in land, water and energy have to be weighed against each other. At the regional and global levels, trade, climate and energy policy are important policy arenas that need to be considered for nexus thinking. This plenary will discuss the different challenges and solutions in implementing nexus approaches at different scales and how these scales are linked with one another through synergies and trade-offs. Conference Program:
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