Empowering Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss And Healthy Living With Relaxing Music

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Millions are struggling with a weight loss diet and feeling a lack of motivation in getting started or in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Download this audio MP3 subliminal meditation here - It’s true that in order to lose weight it’s necessary to work out and eat right, but the real weight loss process begins with your thought patterns that reside in your subconscious mind. This subliminal meditation contains powerful affirmations that will help your subconscious change the negative beliefs of losing weight with affirmative paradigms about yourself in the process, and in healthy food and exercise. It will also help you let go of the emotional hunger you tend to feel. The messages will support your decision and your process, but you have to decide that this is what you want, have intention, and focus on it. **headphones are recommended, but are not required** **you can play it in the background during the day and night (no time limitation) ** do not play this in a moving vehicle or when doing activities that might put you or others at risk** ** This session is not a replacement for any therapy. Please consult your healthcare provider** Some of the subliminal messages of this session: I forgive myself and others for my body weight I am important and significant even when I am skinny I set my mind to reach my ideal weight and live healthily I respect my body at all times and nourish it with healthy food I deserve to be skinny and shapely I am willing to make a true change and live healthily I effortlessly stay motivated to eat healthy food I find it easy and fun to live a healthy lifestyle It makes me happy and satisfied to live as a healthy person I have complete control of my body weight I take full responsibility for my body weight My body knows exactly how to reach its ultimate ideal weight I replace the need to eat with the need to exercise
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