Nature DVD - FOUR SEASONS - FALL with Nature Sounds and Ambient Scenes

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THE FOUR SEASONS DVDS OFFER YOU A COMPLETELY NATURAL EXPERIENCE WITH THE SOUNDS OF NATURE AND BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL IMAGES. Please visit our website for more DVDs and Downloads. Also available at AMAZON.COM CONNECT WITH US! SUBSCRIBE! FREE DOWNLOADS! Part of the only DVD series to feature seasons which is complemented by natural sounds, the main track on this Fall DVD is a calming one-hour film, with beautiful scenes of dawn forests, carpets of fallen leaves, rain-filled rivers and tumbling waterfalls, to completely relax the viewer. A further 20-minute track has more Fall woodland scenes and longer, slowly-changing images to relax you further. Four more tracks each show a different Autumn waterfall scene for a great natural decoration in your home or work environment. Let the relaxing, natural images and nature’s soundtrack of forest birdsong, softly falling rain and soothing water, transport you back to the calmness of nature. CUSTOMER REVIEWS & FEEDBACK AWESOME, I have ordered other DVDs from this company, I enjoy several of them... I love watching this DVD with the natural sounds. I also enjoy Ocean Waves and Clouds. I will continue to buy more DVDs, they are worth watching. Patricia Dobry, US
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