COSMIC WHITE NOISE - Deep White Noise for Better Sleep, Relaxation, Help Stress, Misophonia, Study

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Download 10 Hours: iTunes download: Cosmic White Noise is a deep sounding white noise that has been created as a superior to Celestial White Noise from Relaxing White Noise as it is more relaxing and sleep oriented. With this track you can sleep all night long without being disturbed by outside noises or others banging about in the house. The sound is also very relaxing and will sooth you into a deep state of sleep. White noise has also been linked to helping people with stress and chronic depression. The use of white noise aids in depression as it helps to fill the mind which eliminates the possibility for negative thoughts, which are the cause of the depression. White Noise can be useful for misophonia treatment or even as a misophonia cure. It has been used by many people who have misophonia to mask trigger noises and help with the condition. White Noise to Study or or for concentration, focus.
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