"Omega" by the band Fractal Magic

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Omega. Life is a journey. David Lieder comments on the production: "In putting together this music video, I saw how relaxed the people in Nepal and Tibet are/were, probably because they meditate in their Buddhist and Hindu path, as compared to the U.S. where most of us run around with our minds controlled by the system and by endless chatter. What is the end of each of our paths? Where do our lives end up? "Omega" is a world music song, which was written, performed and recorded by David Lieder in his band Fractal Magic. The music video was produced by David Lieder and was filmed in Nepal and Tibet. This music composition was created using Stormdrum 2 from East West, Silk from East West, Pianos from East West and Choirs from East West. It was mixed using Cubase 7 Elements and Waves VST plugins Renaissance Channel, Chris Lord-Alge Drums, Guitar and Vocals and Spaces reverbs from East West. It was mastered using Sony Sound Forge, Waves L3 Multimaximizer, and the Waves C6 Multiband Compressor.
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