The Sound of a Waterfall Water Sound Relaxation- Flowing Water #2

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The sound of a waterfall is the second video in the water sound relaxation series - flowing water. A relaxing video featuring changing scenes of waterfall with the sound of the waterfall and no music. For more visit the Soothing Video website; Each video in the flowing water series focuses on a different element of the sound of water. Waterfalls are poweful and the sound of a waterfall overpowers eveything around it and immerses you completely. You can get lost in the sound of the water crashing down into the pool below and onto the rocks. I have used only the natural sound of the waterfall that was recorded onsite and there is no music in this video. I want you to experience the waterfall as if you were there. This video was filmed at the Glencar waterfall in Co Leitrim, Ireland. It very easily accessible, there is a car park with beautiful views over fields to a lake and opposite is a gate. Through the gate a short path leads you up to the waterfall. Its a beautiful place and well worth a visit if you are ever in this part of Ireland. Once you are done with your walk to the waterfall you can end it off with a coffee or tea from the mobile vendor in the carpark. From there its a short drive down into the town of Sligo where you can stop in at one of its traditional pubs for a hearty lunch. Please subscribe, like, share and comment, I love to hear from you and stop in at the website as well. As always thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this video and the scenes from the glencar waterfall.
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