1 Hour Soothing Moon Set Over Ocean Beach with Surf Sounds HD

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A very relaxing HD video of a moon-set over the pacific ocean, shot over the first pre-dawn morning of 2015. This Ocean scene was filmed in Newport, Oregon, during the pre-dawn of January 1st, 2015. The aperture was opened to brighten the reflection off the water to be seen as it actually was. In doing so, the moon became too washed out (too bright and fuzzy). So,a full moon is added over the actual 3/4 moon portion of the video frames, which full-moon I had taken previously at an earlier time. (This is the largest video upload ever to date at YouTube/TallSky, of my 500+ video uploads. It is an 8 gigabyte HD video file.) Enjoy! Note: I occasionally use my own footage to help me get a restful nights sleep. Hope this helps some of you.
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