1 Hour Relaxing Sound of Water Flowing-Nature Sounds-Babbling Brook-Dripping Sounds

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HD Audio And Video Downloads. Listen and view anywhere anytime, no need for internet, and there are absolutely no ads. Do you or a friend suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. Here are a few suggestions if you would like some natural remedies. I will post a different remedy with each of the next couple of videos. It is extremely important to consult with your physician before trying any of these, particularly if your are on any medication for anxiety or panic attacks. Natural Remedy 2:- Exercise is so important for your overall health, you have to get your heart pumping every day. Make a commitment to yourself and set aside time everyday during which you exercise. Remind your heart that you’re still alive and it will love you back instantly. Many studies have proven that regular exercise is an excellent anxiety treatment. Depending on your fitness level, choose an exercise that challenges you just a little more each day, if it has been years since you did any exercise, you must start slowly, for example, park your car a little further from the mall than you normally would, get off the bus one stop earlier than you need to. Of course if you regularly exercise you will know how beneficial it is to your overall health and will be well aware that by increasing the amount you do each day will pay dividends. Exercise reduces the stress hormones and elevates those “feel good” hormones like serotonin. Consistently increase the distance you walk until you are walking for a half an hour every day. You won’t believe how amazing you will feel (not to mention how much healthier you will become). If you want to find out more about any of these therapies, there are great sources of valuable information on line. 8 Hours in one of the most picturesque Irish woodland locations with a rocky waterfall on a mountain river and the air filled with birdsong:- 8 Hours in a tranquil bluebell wood as a gentle breeze blows through newly unfurled leaves and birds sing natures melodies:- 8 Hours sitting on the river bank of a rocky mountain stream as it wends it’s way seawards, birds perching on the overhanging branches delight your heart with their music, water tumbling over the rocky river bed:- 8 Hours in one of the most peaceful meditative locations in Ireland, by a reflective pool on a gentle mountain stream, the air around you filled with the soothing sound of water flowing and birdsong:- 8 Hours by the lake shore under a warm summer sun, gently lapping water and peaceful birds singing:- 8 Hours on the river bank, a gentle mountain stream beneath your feet, soothing birdsong above your head in the moss covered branches of ancient Irish woodland:- 8 Hours on the moss covered floor of a native Irish woodland amongst gently swaying flowers of wild garlic and bluebells, birdsong in the ash and beech trees above:- 8 Hours of the relaxing sound of water dripping inside the mouth of one of Irelands most picturesque caves along with the gentle sound of the tiny stream as it meanders it’s way past your feet;- 8 Hours beside a sacred Irish spring well as it’s healing waters mix with a peaceful mountain stream flowing by your feet and soothing early summer birdsong:- 8 Hours of a roaring picturesque waterfall beneath a canopy of native Irish woodland, keep the volume high for a dramatic experience or low for a more peaceful tranquil experience:- 8 Hours of relaxing sounds of a miniature waterfall as a mountain stream cascades through moss covered rocks:- 8 Hours of soothing waterfall sounds and the relaxing sound of birdsong 8 Hours beside a sacred Irish spring well as it’s healing waters mix with the peaceful sound of a mountain stream flowing by your feet:- If you would like to choose from my entire collection, this is my channel link:- You can also find my videos and photographs on my Google+ page:- If you are a Facebook user you can find me on:- © Johnnie Lawson All rights reserved
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