Baby Got Colic (White Noise for Babies)

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download the mp3 here: order the audio CD here: Please don't forget to Share / Like / Comment / Favorite / Subscribe / etc. / You may wish to read more information about playing rhythmic white noise to calm babies, such as how it is important that the volume be LOUDER than you would normally think would be comforting to a baby. The idea with this audio track is first to get the baby's attention (so it should be loud enough for them to hear over their own crying). Most will stop crying in a few seconds (you can help this along by swaddling and rocking). Then they become more interested in hearing the white noise change for a minute or two, but that gets soothing and boring, so they fall asleep. If you buy the loop-able mp3, you can play it on repeat so if they begin to wake up in the middle of the night, they are lulled back to sleep before they wake up entirely. Also, this way any other noises inside or outside the house are masked and so they don't cause baby to wake up. Then, if you use it regularly for a week or so, it becomes a learned "trigger" that actively promotes falling asleep (classical conditioning), as they learn to associate the sound with calming down and nodding peacefully off. Check out our fabulous new website at NOTE: The public domain footage used in this video was downloaded from; almost exclusively from the Prelinger Archives. The video selection/editing was done with sleep-deprived parents in mind -- the attempt was for psychedelic, rather than creepy, but I suppose it can be a fine line.
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