White Noise | 1 Hour of Pure White Noise - For Sleep or Study

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NEW 12 HOUR White Noise Track! Click the link below. White Noise improves your creative thinking and enhances your ability to focus. It can serve as background noise to reduce distractions allowing you to study at a celestial level. Ambient White Noise is also very soothing when the volume is decreased, serving as a comforting sleep aid for babies and adults. White Noise is the equal frequency in every energy and recommended by Dr. Oz as a sleep miracle. It is a combination of all of the different frequencies of sound blended together. Enjoy and please subscribe. I create and edit beautiful White Noise for your pleasure. Subscribe and tell your friends about my channel. Leave comments as well. Thank you! 1 Hour is just enough time to get in a Great Power Nap -- Enjoy :-) Click my Ambient White Noise avatar. Listen to an array of white noise featured on my channel! ______________________________________ white noise, white, noise, white noise for studying, white noise for study, white noise machines, white noise machine, white noise youtube, white noise app, best white noise, white noise sound, white noise sound sleep, sound, white noise loop, baby sleep, colic baby, new born baby, tinnitus, tinnitus sleep, baby womb sound, pure white noise
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