Hawk Attacks Vole (grey squirrel saves her)

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Just before the attack you can hear the grey squirrel make a warning sound...the grey squirrel is just to the left of the camera....I was surprised the grey was out in the opening with the hawk around...I have been filming animals for 7 years and have never lost one while filming...this is the closest I have come to losing one....this happened because I decided to go have lunch while my cameras filmed...I take many precausions to avoid losing a friend; 1. Always clean up scraps when done. 2. when finished cover filming area with leaves, rocks, and sticks... 3. Make friends with the little ones so I can be right there during filming. 4. Film in areas with many escape routes....sometimes leaving pvc pipes nearby... SOUND EFFECTS from FREESOUND suspense sounds "LighteningStrikeAtHome_20080817.wav" by henderda: "Robo_Walk_01E.wav" by cbird1057: "Horror Suspense.mp3" by blue2107: "Suspense.wav" by pcruzn: "Suspense_3.wav" by kaiodeleis: squeaking gate
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