Sound of Rain - Rain and Drizzles - 5 Hours - No Cars, No Loops! [HD]

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Recorded with the Sony PCM M10 built-in mics, edited with Adobe Audition CS6 and video rendered with Sony Vegas Pro 12. If you wish to download, you will need to use a P2P (torrent) service, because of the large 3.7GB file size (it is .flac, in 24bit/48khz). It is not required for you to seed after downloading, but it would be helpful. I will also seed for as long as I can. Once downloaded, feel free to modify the file as you wish (Ie, converting to mp3, or cutting out undesirable parts), as long as you don't upload it to the internet. Also note that while many people think P2P file transfers (or "torrenting") is illegal, it is not. It's what you're downloading that could be illegal, not P2P in general. While this field recording is copyrighted to me, I am giving everybody and anybody permission to download, so it is completely legal. You can either download the .torrent file, or copy and paste the magnet file into your P2P service. Download (.torent): Magnet URL: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:00391B41AF745C1B29A6­E70FE81343BF86DB0C7B&dn=April%2003%20-%2­05%20Hour%20Rain%20%26%20Drizzle.flac&tr­­3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.p­­ Images rights go to "Jlhopgood" from flickr.
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