White Noise And Whispers - Series 1, Episode 1 Pilot, Fort Amherst Chatham

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Welcome to the White Noise and Whispers first ever episode! We are here investigating Fort Amherst, thought to be one of the most haunted paranormal locations in Kent, and possibly England. We are coming your way soon with the rest of Series 1, like our Facebook page to be kept updated with TV release across the UK. Paranormal investigator David Sage and his team search for haunted locations in order to carry out their investigations. During their investigations, David and his crew search the local area, carry out experiments using various equipment and come face-to-face with entities in their quest to prove whether ghosts exist, or are just simply a product of our imaginations. To be kept up to date with news from this TV show, like our official Facebook page: Website: Directed by: Richard Brittain Produced by: Chudsey Productions -
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