White Noise - Notch Filtered at 4 kHz for Tinnitus Therapy w/ Visuals

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White Noise - Notch Filtered at 4 kHz for Tinnitus Therapy 12 Hours Long w/ Visuals Let me start by saying I'm not a doctor, but I AM a fellow tinnitus sufferer. Notched white noise sound therapy has been proven to be one of the most successful methods of reducing the symptoms and effects of tinnitus. What is the idea behind notched white noise tinnitus sound therapy you might ask? The concept is a rather new one, and has proven very effective for many. In short, removing your tinnitus frequency from the white noise you... in essence ignoring your tinnitus frequency and playing every other frequency around it at the same time. This helps reduce the false priority your brain has given to your tinnitus frequency and after prolonged use over time... reduces the loudness of your tinnitus frequency / tone / noise. This video was specifically made for people who suffer from tinnitus that rings at 4 kHz. Meaning, 4 kHz has been removed from the white noise. As all the medical documentation states, the frequency should be notched out starting one 1/2 octave from the desired notched frequency and completing one 1/2 octave after the desired notched frequency (totaling to 1 full octave). This is exactly how the audio for this video has been processed. If you DO NOT have tinnitus at 4 kHz, than please see that other videos on my channel now and find your tinnitus frequency. I have prepared 12 hour videos with all original (and never duplicating) mind stimulating visuals with notched white noise from 400Hz - 20Khz. So, just about everyone should be covered there. If you do not see your frequency listed, please send me a message and I will prepare a video and add it to the channel. If you don't already know your tinnitus frequency, try using this video I uploaded to focus in on a general area. Then, go to this link and fine tune the slider till you have an almost perfect match (make sure to start with your computer volume low). Try not to be frustrated when matching the tone, this takes time and is not easy. THE BEST WAY to do so is ALWAYS visit a qualified audiologist and have them help you find your specific tinnitus frequency. The medical professionals who developed this tinnitus reducing method suggest no less than 15 minutes of white noise notched frequency sound therapy everyday. I say why not use it as much as possible! This video collection allows you to do just that, and with the extra visual component added... it will be a lot easier to tolerate more than 15 minutes of treatment, you can even use it to relax and sleep to. If you don't like what you see, simply skip ahead to a different part. This way you don't have to look at the EXACT same thing every day while you do your therapy. Not to forget to mention there have been many scientific studies showing a mind is much more susceptible to adjustment when in a calm, meditative trance state. The visuals should also help achieve this result. Please make sure to subscribe to this channel for more long tinnitus reducing therapy videos with visuals, leave your comments below and thumbs up if it's working for you. Thanks for watching / listening... and the best of luck to you on your road to recovery! Bless you all......
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