Oasis HD - Sounds of the Seas - 2 of 3

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Navy sonar is destroying mammalian oceanic life! Literally bursting the auditory canals of whales and dolphins! Shocking evidence of what sonar can really do to mammals that call the Ocean their home. Join marine biologist Antonella Servido and watch for yourself as she devotedly investigates the mystery of the Canary Island pilot whales. Why is it that an increasing number of these beautiful animals are becoming fatally stranded? Concerned that the ever-increasing ocean noise (naval sonar PING) is interfering with the communication of these acoustically sensitive animals. Can the military sonars, which have been employed to detect hostile submarines, be responsible for the multiple deaths of the pilot whales and other mammalian ocean life? Antonella wants answers and will not stop until she finds them. Please watch in 1080p HD and leave a thumbsup rating if you care about the events unfolding in this 3-part series.
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