Walk At Home With Fitness DVD Through The Rainforest With Jungle Sounds

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DOWNLOAD FOR FREE : Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - For HD DOWNLOAD - This DVD is Available at - Do you want more DVDs and Downloads? Visit our website - A DVD from the Ambient Collection® - Filmed with high definition cameras. Tired of watching TV programs while you exercise? Then why not try a virtual trip through tropical rainforests with natural images and natural sounds of the jungle, birds and crickets? Through the Rainforest has five different 'journeys' to choose from. Walk along shady jungle pathways or jog down a lane through a forest of exotic trees. Make your way past vines and tropical foliage and out into grassland with butterflies floating from the sun to the shadows. Run or cycle along rainforest roads and experience a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life. All tracks repeat automatically allowing longer exercise sessions and a Play All function lets you play all 5 in turn. ~ Track 1 - Rainforest Track - (approx. 3.5 mph/5 kph) ~ Track 2 - Jungle Walk - (approx. 4 mph/6 kph) ~ Track 3 - Rainforest Lane - (approx. 5 mph/8 kph) ~ Track 4 - Asian Forest Lane - (approx. 10 mph/15 kph) ~ Track 5 - Elephant Jungle Road - (approx. 10 mph/15 kph) Please note that these DVDs are filmed as if you are walking/jogging along a path/road. The camera does not pan. The tracks are not intended as 'entertainment' but rather to provide a realistic environment for you to 'zone out' and concentrate on exercising whilst imagining yourself in the different places shown. CUSTOMER REVIEWS & FEEDBACK Thank you for waiving the licensing fee for using your dvd at our fitness center. Once I finish installing dvd players and ordering your dvds. I will send reviews and photos. Thank you for your kindness. David Jeng-WEST BANK INN MANAGER
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