Relaxation: Relaxing Music to Sleep , Nature Sounds, Ocean Sounds [ Sleep Music ]

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Relaxing Music to Sleep. Enjoy the soothing ocean sounds from the nature. You will listen the ocean waves crashing onto the seashore and will view a beautiful sunrise on the beach with the fishermen working at background. So romantic! :) This 1 hour video is specifically recorded to relax you and help you to sleep well. I'm trying to record the best and more beautiful videos, so I'm going to different places to record it. Sometimes is traffic near (cars or train station), I apologize for the unwanted noise, next time I will go to other beach or find some quieter and relaxing nature places. By the way, you can play this video in background for study and stay focused. Best moments: the sun behind the tree Sunrise over the ocean old man walking on the beach golden waves on the ocean silhouette woman walking on the beach I hope you enjoy my work. Please comment, tips and suggestions are welcome. Thumbs up if you like the ocean sounds ! :) Subscribe! Facebook:
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