FSX - circuit kbvs ultralight in low visability

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This is my first attempt to insert audio into an FSX video. FS-Recorder a video recording application which you can use with FSX does not record sound therefore you have to use a separate sound recorder. I used audacity which is a free audio recorder which produces top quality sound and is very versatile to record the audio when flying the original flight. I had a problem sychronising the audio to the video and in the end I used the wheel screech on landing which I think worked quite well but there has to be a better way to sync up so I'm still exploring a better way, if anyone already knows I would love to hear from you, why re-invent the wheel right!. The Scenery in this production is Orbx Pacific Northwest (PNW) and Orbx Skagit Regional KBVS. Both are payware and available from Video rendering was done using fs-recorder render and the output of that was put into NCH Videopad Pro Video Editor Any help in making my video's better would be appreciated.
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