Soothe Your Baby To Sleep With Womb Sounds

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Los bebes no conocen el silencio hasta salir del vientre de su madre, esto les da miedo y los pone inquietos. En este sonido quiero recrear la audición intrauterina y ayudarlos en su adaptación. comenten !!! No olvides suscribirte, compartir y "me gusta" gracias youtube Discuss and leave your advice for the next video! Sound? image? thanks World A Music One Hour of total Relaxation, this soothing sound of water will help you to Aid Sleep, to Relax for Studying or as a Sound to aid Meditation. Lie back and imagine you are beside this clear mountain stream, let the Relaxing Sound of Flowing dripping Water Calm your Mind so you can have a Restful Sleep. You can also use this Tranquil Sound of Nature to Relax your Mind for study or Homework, let this video play in the background while you concentrate on your studies. MUSIQUE DE SOMMEIL, 睡眠のための音楽, सोने के लिए संगीत, MUSICA PER SONNO
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