Rain on a tent and a crackling fire - soundscape - sleep sound - Meditation sound

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Rain gently falling on your tent. Campfire crackling outside and your warm and cosy in your sleeping bag. That's the image this soundscape congers up. Listen closely and you can hear the last of the bird song for the day as a pair of Owls join in and take over for the night shift. Soundscapes are a perfect relaxation tool. Great to unwind or if you need to focus on study or other reading. If you are one those like me who has trouble sleeping, soundscapes can be the magic you need to drift off to blissful sleep. Try a number of different soundscapes to find the perfect one for you. You may even want to mix them up from time to time or try a different one each night. This soundscape was created using five different parts mixed together to create what you hear. Its not suppose to be an accurate representation of reality. Its designed to create an image in your mind for you to get lost in. Recorded on a Zoom H5 with XY and shotgun mics and mixed in Adobe Audacity. I hope you enjoyed this new soundscape. Please support sounds from the core by liking, sharing and subscribe to receive notice of all our new sound and video soundscape as they are published. Thanks for listening.......Andy
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