►10 Hours of Rain Sounds on a Tin Roof (Metal Storage Shed) ~sounds for sleeping

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►10 Hours of Rain Sounds on a Tin Roof (Metal Storage Shed) ~sounds for sleeping ☮ This video should help you rest, relax, meditate, practice yoga, get a massage, ASMR, just zone out, or of course fall asleep. Let SleepDroid Studios become your new source for Meditation Music, Relaxing Music, Sleep Sounds, Music for Sleep, Yoga Music, Sounds for Sleeping, Sounds for Studying, Nature Slideshows, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sleep Sound Meditation, or really any type of relaxing sleep sounds or music to fall asleep to. Some consider this type of music for sleep to be "white noise", which many people swear by for getting a good night's sleep. That is actually a good thing. White noise is not only relaxing, but may also be helpful for Tinnitus relief or for study focus. Baby having trouble sleeping? Try one of our sleep music videos. You may be surprised. Anyway, I hope you enjoy our 10 hours of rain on a tin roof, or metal roof, depending on where you are from. ☯ Check out my website for DOWNLOADABLE MP3 FILES. They are the perfect length for burning to your own sleep music CD collection. ☯ Check out our free Android Apps: If you enjoyed it, please subscribe to my channel. I add one or two new videos every week. Some of my other 10 hour sleep sounds you may enjoy: ►☁Rain & Thunder on Metal: ►Large Fan: ►☁Light Rain & Heavy Thunder: ►Clothes/Tumble Dryer: ►Waterfall with birds: ►Box fan -low speed: ►☂Umbrella Rain: ►Windtunnel Fan: Would you like to sleep to this and then be woken up at the end? You can! My channel also has these videos with a blacked out screen and an alarm built into the end of the video. If you want to wake up in 8 hours, just skip ahead to the 2 hour mark and start listening. Then 8 hours later the nice soothing sounds end and an alarm with start sounding instead. You should check them out here: ♥ + You really should subscribe to my channel. How great would that be? I would also love to hear from you. Leave me a comment. It is easy. Heck, even clicking the "like" button would be nice. Rain sound and image recorded, filmed, and copyrighted© by me: SleepDroid Studios. Photo taken and copyrighted© by me: SleepDroid Studios. ➝ Feel free to comment with other types of sleep sounds you would like to hear. Trickling water music for sleep? Dripping water sleep music? Rainstorm sleep music? City noise sleep sound? Pirate sleep noises? More box fan sleep sounds? 10 Hour Aquarium HD Videos? Bird sound sleeping music? Ancient fighting squirrels? Tell me! ✉ regen auf Metall, 金属の雨 Kinzoku no ame, スリープサウンド, Surīpusaundo, Schlaf- Sound
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