17 CALM MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS (for relaxing or studying)

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In several countries this video is blocked due to copyright issues. I'm sorry if your country is one of them. A collection of calming movie soundtracks you can listen to when you're studying, writing summaries or just when you want to relax. Enjoy! :) For more calming soundtracks go to my Spotify playlist: ... I don't own anything in this video! All copyrights go to the following artists: This is the track list (All credits go to them): 01.) - DANCES WITH WOLVES 'Falling in love' by John Barry (1990) 02.) - FINDING NEMO 'Nemo Egg' by Thomas Newman (2003) 03.) - INTOUCHABLES 'Una Mattina' by Ludovico Einaudi (2011) 04.) - NEW MOON 'The Meadow' by Alexandre Desplat (2009) 05.) - HP PART TWO 'Lily's Theme' by Alexandre Desplat (2011) 06.) - POMPEII 'I Won't Leave You' by Clinton Shorter (2014) 07.) - MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA 'Sayuri's Theme' by John Williams (2005) 08.) - STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS 'Finn's confession' by John Williams (2015) 09.) - SCHINDLER'S LIST 'theme' by John Williams (1993) 10.) - DJANGO UNCHAINED ' Sister Sara Theme' by Ennio Morricone (2012) 11.) - SUFFRAGETTE 'The Army' by Alexandre Desplat (2015) 12.) - THE IMITATION GAME 'Carrots and Peas' by Alexandre Desplat (2014) 13.) - 41:41 AMERICAN BEAUTY 'American Beauty' by Thomas Newman (2000) 14.) - THE DANISH GIRL 'The Danish Girl' by Alexandre Desplat (2016) 15.) - THE DANISH GIRL 'Gerda In The Rain' by Alexandre Desplat (2016) 16.) - THE REVENANT 'Theme 2' by (2016) by Ryuichi Sakamoto (2015) 17.) - THE REVENANT 'Main Theme Atmospheric' by Ryuichi Sakamoto (2015)
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