✪ SOUND MACHINE DEEP FAN NOISE ✪ 1 Hour of White Noise

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This deep fan noise is a sound machine producing the best white noise to relax to, nap to, put your baby to sleep to, for background noise, and just a general fan sound. Relax and listen. Ommmm ✬ NEW VIDEOS ARE RELEASED EVERY FRIDAY RELAX. REJUVENATE. RECREATE. RENEW. RENERGIZE. Randall's Rest & Relaxation is the leader in Sleep Music, FAN Sleeping Videos, Relaxing Music, Study Music, Meditation Music , Healing Music, Reiki Music, Zen Music, Spa + Massage Music, and Yoga Music. We compose instrumental music combinations that are specially designed to encourage and enhance relaxation, meditation, brain function and concentration, spa and massage therapy, and healing music therapy. In addition, we use binaural beats, isochronic tones, and delta wave induction to naturally encourage a state of relaxation which is perfect for concentration, meditation or deep sleep. Our long music playlists are perfect for your daily meditation and relaxation. Our relaxation videos use light, beautiful, calming sounds that leave you feeling refreshed and recharged! ✬ FIND RELAXATION: Allow me to be your Relaxation Specialist. I enjoy producing content that aids my fellow human being in finding peace, relaxation, and cultivation of overall well-being in life. "While there's nothing wrong in being very productive (kudos to you!), your brain still needs some rest to be fully operational whenever you need it." - Debeena Harris "Show me a worrying person and I will show you a person who does not know how to relax." - Albert E. Cliffe "No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every hour, you'd be more productive." Dr. Joyce Brothers To see all of my FAN videos, checkout this playlist: A subscriber dubbed me the “MAN with the FANS” as I have more relaxing videos of FANS, than any other Channel on YouTUBE !!!! Please SUBSCRIBE by clicking the link below! Visit my channel here: Follow me on Facebook Here: Follow me on Google + Here: Please “like,” share, favorite, and comment below to show your Support! Thank you nation. Click this link to see all of my 8 Hour long RELAXING VIDEOS. I welcome feedback and video recommendations. Several of my videos have been produced at the request of my subscribers! If you would like to speak to me directly, you can message me via Youtube, Google + and Facebook. I appreciate this opportunity to help you relax, rejuvenate and recreate. -Randall Google + Facebook
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