Kruger yoga nature sounds: Skukuza | African wildlife & animals noise, jungle sleep,latest sightings

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Healing yoga nature sounds and latest sightings from the Kruger National Park. Subscribe - African wild animals caught on camera - Take a journey through some of the best healing meditation yoga nature sounds and photos that the Kruger National Park has to offer. Day time nature and animal sounds from Skukuza rest camp. Use these relaxing noises to improve concentration and sleep. Listen out for a variety of bird, mammal & insect species. ________________________________________­_______________ Location - Skukuza rest camp (Kruger National Park), South Africa. Date - 30 Nov 2014 Time - 7:09am to 8:39am Recorder - Zoom H1 ________________________________________­_______________ Images and video - © Claire Williams ________________________________________­_______________ Follow us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - @Dest_Audio ________________________________________­_______________ Destination Audio takes you on a journey through some of the best healing ambient nature sounds the Earth has to offer. - Enjoy a power nap to the rejuvenating sounds of the mighty Crocodile River running through the Kruger National Park. - Escape the hustle and bustle of the big city when meditating to the soothing sounds of one of Mozambique's most remote beaches. - Relax to the calming nature sounds of a jungle rainforest in Central Africa? - Become more productive when studying for that vital exam to the sounds of a distant thunderstorm approaching Cape Town. All of this can be achieved from the comfort of your own home with the Destination Audio channel. A good pair of headphones or surround sound system is highly recommended, the built-in tablet and laptop speakers just don't do these amazing tranquil sounds justice. ________________________________________­_______________ *Please list any animal or bird noises you can identify along with the time in the comments section below.
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