Produce a Video Pt 7 - Fixing Bad Audio

Get this sound with YouTube MP3jam As a San Diego video production company, Bizvid Communications has found that an important component which separates a professional video from an amateur video is the audio. How many times have you watched a home video where the sound is poor and words are barely discernible? That's often because the camera microphone is being used at a distance further than intended. At best, most camera microphones will properly record a voice from about 3 or 4 feet. Any further away and the sound will come across tinny or echoey. And, if you're mixing further away shots of your subject, with close ups... the sound may be inconsistent when editing from one shot to the other. It will serve you better to go ahead and invest in a lapel or handheld microphone. If you keep the camera mounted microphone a foot or so in front of the subject, you'll like the sound consistency much better. When having more than one person speak at a time, it's okay to mount a microphone between them and keep them from moving around. Otherwise, some cameras may allow for two audio ports so you can feed two audio sources at once and mix the sound separately in post production, but more likely, you may have to invest in or rent a little sound mixer to blend the microphones, before sending them into your camera. By the way, when adjusting the microphone setting, shy away from over cranking the sound. It's easier to increase and balance the audio a little in post production than it is to fix an over-driven distorted sound track. Here's one more thing. If your production works just as well using a voice over, you can circumvent most of these problems by bringing in the separate voice over into your edit.
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