☆ 3 HOURS ☆ Rain Sounds for Sleeping ☆ Relaxing Rain ☆ Nature Sounds for Babies ✰ Baby Sleep

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Three hours of gentle rain. Perfect for relaxation and baby sleep. High quality audio and relaxing video (HD 1080p). Natural background sound for babies. Relax to the peaceful sounds of nature. ♫ ♪ This is a long recording (47 minutes), seamlessly looped into three hours of relaxing rain. Thank you for watching! Please visit our channel to view our growing collection and SUBSCRIBE for updates: ATTRIBUTION Audio: Kyster,, Rain late at night.wav "A late night recording of the sweet summer rain. Recorded with a Sony HI-MD walkman MZ-NH1 minidisc recorder and two Shure WL183." This work is licensed under the Attribution License. Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Indicate if changes were made: This audio has been seamlessly looped using the fade function and fades out at the end. No other changes have been made. Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved.
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