Black-Capped Chickadee Calls and Sounds - Fee Bee Call, Chicka Dee Dee Dee Call and a couple others

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Other Chickadee videos : Cute Black-capped Chickadee babies Chickadee Eating Seed While in My Hand Boreal Chickadee- Bird of the Boreal Forest Mini documentary Black-capped Chickadee Vocalizations - Did You Know? Black-capped chickadee takes seed from my jacket pocket Black Capped Chickadee Hawk Alarm Call Chickadee Sibling rivalry An amiable sight to behold during winter at backyard feeders, chickadees are a delight to watch as they fly with their happy, bouncy flight back and forth to feeders collecting seeds to eat elsewhere or to hoard away for later feeding. But most delightful of all is hearing their "chicka dee dee dee" call, in the quiet and desolate dead of winter their call stands out and begs to be heard, like a song of promise for bright sunny days to come.
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