Clouds: Echoes of Nature Relaxation with Music & Nature

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Have you ever wanted to live among the clouds, or soar through them like an airplane? Have you ever wanted to return to those days of lying on your back in the grass and staring up at the clouds as they float by, trying to contemplate what shapes the white fluffy masses seemed to be taking? Or better yet does the scientist in you love to watch wondrous cirrus, altostratus, or stratocumulus clouds in all of their billowing glory? Well look no further. All these and more can be your experiences with this unique program. It contains thousands of clouds in differing shapes, states, and colors shot with the highest quality in mind. Drift away and forget your troubles as you listen to soothing, relaxing music accompanied by some of the best collections of cloud footage there is to offer. Soar through billowing cirrus clouds, watch the nighttime clouds turn crimson at sunset, and look down upon a soft sprawling carpet of clouds as they hug the earth’s high atmosphere. This video is a perfect way to unwind, clear the mind, and literally sail away.
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