【Yo! Noid】 NES Reviews | Squiggy Seven: First Impressions (Episode #011/884)

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VIEWERS BEWARE! YOU'RE IN FOR A SCARE! THIS VIDEO HAS A SCARY ENDING, STOP WATCHING AFTER I SAY GOODBYE IF YOU DON't WANT TO BE SPOOKED! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Hahah, as silly as that warning is, I'm a little serious. Don't keep watching after the end of this video or you may get yourself spooked. Anyways, on to the main point. It's Yo! Noid, hahaha. I never knew this game existed. I always like looking at the weird licensed games though, it's pretty fun to see what they try to do to push their brand. I gotta say though... Yo! Noid doesn't do a great job of this. I played the whole game without ever once knowing where the mascot came from. It's a good thing I'm a trivia master and deduced he was Pizza Hut's old mascot. The gameplay is average at best. You platform a little, and it doesn't feel great. It's just kind of slow and clunky and overall uninteresting. There's some enemies you can yo-yo to kill, which again is not very exciting overall. Finally, you can get these Japanese powerup scroll things, which we all know by now are synonymous with pizza, and cast some really unimpressive spells, hahah. They basically all seem to do the same thing - kill every enemy on screen. The minigame is terrible. It's like pizza punishment. I really hate it, hahah, and it interrupted the gameplay for way too long. It's a dumb "who can play more pizza cards" game, and now that I understand how it works, I don't think I could ever lose it. That doesn't mean it won't take two minutes to finish though, and if that is between every level like I assume it may be, it's a terrible. I want to get back to the mediocre action that is platforming, don't keep me away! Also, the fact that you didn't brand the pizza place in the minigame is literally still bugging me as I write this. Level two introduces an ice mechanic. It makes the platforming harder, but the small moving platforms are almost too much. This would be a better mechanic for level 3 or 4 I think, hahah. I was still getting used to jumping regularly at the point it was introduced, and they haven't even given me small moving platforms yet. Be gentle with your curves, I'm not going anywhere baby. Graphically, it's boring. The sound is not spectacular either. But you know what? There's nothing really wrong with it at the same time. It's your generic platformer, and that's all there is to it. It would be fun enough to play, but not fun enough to seek out. ---[ Wikipedia Description ]--------------- Yo! Noid, known in Japan as Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru (仮面の忍者 花丸 Kamen no ninja Hanamaru?, lit. "Masked Ninja Hanamaru") is a 2D action platform game developed by Now Production and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was first released in Japan on March 16, 1990 and was localized in the United States to promote the Noid, the claymation mascot of Domino's Pizza in the late 1980s. The game is also released as part of Nintendo's PlayChoice-10 series and featured in the Japanese TV show GameCenter CX. Plot: Despite having the same gameplay, both games were different in terms of storyline. In Yo! Noid, Wild Slime-like creatures led by Mr. Green were running amuck around New York City as they cause havoc. The Mayor of the city decided to call the Noid to stop his evil duplicate who is causing all the trouble on the city to save everyone, and get his massive pizza reward. Gameplay: Both games use the modified engine of Wagan Land and shared the same gameplay. Hanamaru/Noid has no life meter, and loses a life by either making contact with an enemy or running out of time before completing a level. For offense, both characters use different weapons (a Hawk for Hanamaru while a yo-yo for Noid) but they can gather magic points by collecting scrolls and use them for screen-clearing special attacks or very rare power-ups, both kinds of which are found in large scrolls opened with their weapons. Extra lives are awarded for every 20,000 points scored. Most levels are traveled on foot, but some exception in levels varies which includes a skateboard and an autogyro (In Hanamaru, Hanamaru uses his hawk companion for flight). Minigames varies also on either versions. On Hanamaru where the player whacks penguins in one stage, Yo! Noid has a "Pizza Crusher" level, as seen on the "Avoid the Noid" commercials. The Boss battles also varies in either versions. On which Hanamaru uses card-based battles for the bosses, Yo! Noid focuses on the Pizza-eating contests. Exclusive on Yo! Noid in the back cover of the instruction manual included a $1 Domino's Pizza coupon. ---[ Series Information ]--------------- Squiggy Seven: First Impressions is a series where I blind review random NES games in an effort to learn more about the hidden classics on the system. I have gotten into retro collecting for the NES and I am on the hunt for those games I've never played that I'm missing out on.
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