RELAXATION-Tranquil Native American Music-Beautiful Calming Nature Sounds-Soothing Drum Meditation

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Now available, mp4's and mp3's. Listen and view anywhere anytime, no need for internet, and there are absolutely no ads. If you are not sure, an mp4 is a downloadable DVD of sorts and an mp3, a downloadable CD. Relax listening to a hauntingly beautiful Native American wooden flute and the soothing sounds of nature, with the meditative rhythmic sound of Native American drum and this wonderfully peaceful lake scene. I filmed this tranquil scene while out for an early morning stroll at Corrie strand on the shores of loch Allen Drumkeeran, County Leitrim in the northwest of Ireland. As I sat on the rocks looking out over this tranquil scene I was mesmerised by it's captivating beauty, I hope you enjoy these few moments of peace. If you know anyone who would like this video or you feel could do with some relaxation please send them the link by email or other means, and thank you for watching.Thank you very much for watching, commenting, rating and supporting this and my other relaxing videos, This video is filmed and produced by myself, Johnnie Lawson. I am a visual Artist living and working in the North West of Ireland. This video is best viewed in HD. Thank you to Kerri for the wonderful flute playing and additional sounds are from Freesound. Thank you for your permission to use these sounds. I like to present my work, including my photographs, paintings and videos as a multi-sensory experience, even if other senses are being stimulated only slightly. I will include sound to intensify a connection with the image and sometimes in a gallery setting I will also introduce a fragrance, amongst other devices to help the viewer connect with the work. Thanks to benboncan noisecollector reinsamba dobroide inchadney ethang sandyrb Bidone and kerri who have generously granted permission to use there respective sound recordings under creative commons attribution, CHANNEL:- VIDEO:- The sounds used in this video have a Creative Commons Attribution license or are in the Public Domain. They are downloaded from at the following links, there copyright license can be clearly seen on the right hand side of the page. cataple_sample_canyon.mp3 overblow_echo.mp3 KerriFlute.mp3 track3.mp3 eagle_feather.mp3 haunted_canyon_flute.mp3 Robin.wav barks.wav Songthrush 2.wav 1202_sheep_and_goats.wav 20070506 rubber.duckies.09.wav Raven.mp3 NATIVE DRUM LOOP A lake Waves 2.wav General tags for my videos artist images health life personal development healing relax meditation beautiful landscape wildlife future green organic natural music video peace trees flowers creative Irish nature Ireland sounds water rivers lakes guru change beauty love yoga youtube minimal painting abstract paintings art paint sun earth country climate environment birds river lake people native American om chant emotional instrumental classical atmospheric ambient
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