"God Speaks To Man: The Oldest Revelation" HD Nature Music 1080p HD

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SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE NATURE + WISDOM @ | The most ancient revelation, "God Speaks To Man," translated from original Hebrew and Aramiac texts by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely - offers a powerful yet simple message: our divine Creator speaks to us through his creations of Nature; the trees and forests, the Holy Mountains, the waves of the sea, and much more. While the poem itself is very ancient, the message is just as important now as it's always been: God speaks to those with ears to hear it; to listen, we must be still, and relax. Which is where Nature Relaxation videos come in:) The amazing music was created by Travis Revell, and this is just the first of several upcoming collaborations. You can view more of his music at Part of a new YouTube channel and type of videos I'm creating. The channel can be found at So the question is....can you hear Him? Are you making time to listen? Read the full text of "God Speaks to Man": All video content © David Huting / Special thanks to Youtube users Harles99 () and slworking2 ()
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