10 HOURS Relaxing Piano Music- Sovereign with Water Sound - Meditation SLEEPING

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10 HOURS Relaxing Music with Water Sound Meditation LAUTAKOTA river stream with birds & piano music - Perfect relaxation 4 min versio with piano music music: Sovereign Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License sounds: 1. birds_morning_08062013.wav by jalbrecht_d This work is licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License. 2. Sound of Taivaanvuohi (Gallinago gallinago) © 1HarryH 3. Sound of LAUTAKOTA River © 1HarryH The above-mentioned music and sounds edited, changed speed, amplified, and combined, used Audacity program 06. May. 2016 video © 1HarryH ------------------------------ To clarify the YouTube copy right department Certificate/ Agreement between1HarryH and Mraknup about YouTube content to use water mark (1HMr) Certificate, Permission to use of the visual and audio content. Cooperation with the use of visual and audio content with channels 1HarryH and Mraknup. The above mentioned channels are authorized to use the same visual and audio content with new water mark (1HMr) , videos can be published on 1HarryH and Mraknup channels independently. Both channels have a right to use any material with this water mark (1HMr) published independently. This agreement covers both all published on YouTube and the future publications of the material in YouTube. This authorization shall also cover all commercial use, and licensing is mutual. One on each channels have the right to publish the material in its own name. Savonlinna 14. November 2015 Savonlinna 14. November 2015 1HarryH Mraknup
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