Amazing Water & Sound Experiment #3 - filmed with iPhone

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My daughter and I did this for her school science experiment. If you want to try this, remember you cannot see this effect with the naked eye. You can only see it through the lens of a camera. We first tried it with a high-end video camera at 24 fps, but the effect wasn't very dramatic (not sure why). We tried it with an iPhone 4 and it worked much better. For this experiment you'll need: - A powered speaker: We're using a JBL EON subwoofer turned all the way up. Keep in mind that 22 hz is a very low frequency (you can't actually hear it) so that's why we used a subwoofer. - Tone generating software. We used the the full version (.99 cents) of the iPhone app here: The full version allows you to type in the exact frequency you want. - Rubber hose, 3/4" diameter: at first we tried the garden hose, but it seemed too heavy, so we switched to the lighter rubber hose. Tape the hose directly to the speaker. The speaker vibrates the hose and creates the effect. We tried a trickle of water but it didn't work very well. We had better luck with medium-pressure on the water. Experiment with different cameras. We tried my wife's iPhone 5 and for some reason it didn't have the same effect as the iPhone 4.
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