A Short Meditation of Nature Sounds-Relaxing Lapping Water-Birdsong Relaxation-Soothing

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HD Audio And Video Downloads. Listen and view anywhere anytime, no need for internet, and there are absolutely no ads. I know you will find the following very insightful, encouraging and informative, do take the time to read this. In the description of this video I want to share with you some wonderful messages I have received from Cynthia Hawkins, a viewer from New York. Over the past couple of years she has taken the time to share some wonderful insights as messages on my videos, I would like to re-share some of those with you here. I am extremely grateful to people like Cynthia who take time to add to the positive experience for viewers to my videos. What follows are those messages:- “The other thing that is cool, and I haven't mentioned this yet in any comments: the water in the videos is never the same. What I mean - a stream gurgling, a pond splashing, a waterfall cascading, a brook, the sounds of water flowing from an enclosed space outward, rainfall in a forest, water flowing over a dam into a pool below, waves breaking on a shore - each element of water has a slightly different 'voice', and when I mentally step into that scene 'going to an ideal place of relaxation'... I get to experience THAT particular sound environment. Wonderful.” “I try and visualize I am looking out my window, and in this imagined world, this is the view I see -- and these are the sounds I hear. I then, allow myself mentally to 'walk out the back door, and into the scene', and I cannot TELL you how relaxing it is!” “As ever,'re on the mark with these inspiring, healing sound videos. I am sitting here now, without any of the major pain I was experiencing with this accursed knee. Immersing myself in water, and my EARS... in water sound, has been a regular and valuable part of healing - regaining full use of my right leg. Thank you, my buddy.” “I highly recommend these nature sound videos for help in pain management. Rather than resort to drugs or 'a pill', I find I can listen, lower my level of angst, hence lessen the pain. It does indeed create a softer edge. Especially while I am sitting, right at the moment, with my foot elevated. I can feel the difference. And the effect seems to linger, even once I get up and, slowly resume my activity at home!” “When you follow your passion, it empowers and strengthens you, my kinsman. Those millions of views on your videos are no accident: others resonate with what you offer, and it creates healing and peace in the world. And given the state the world, couldn't we all use a 'peace break" our hectic, stressful, wounding days? Thanks again. Oh by the knee/leg pain is vastly improved. Making time for these videos as part of my overall therapy - well, I am the best judge of what worked. And, trust worked...Blessings.” “As a caregiver for two family members with Alzheimer's at differing stages, I can attest to the importance of relaxing your OWN mind and spirit, as you face the stresses and tensions of looking after others. It is so helpful to be able to 'visit' these healing places, and enjoy some tranquil time. I am able to return to my tasks, refreshed.” “In one meditation technique I use, there is the phrase, "Now, imagine yourself at your ideal place of relaxation..and go there in your mind, stay there, and just..drift." When I am going to meditate or just un-tangle a few mental knots, I choose one of John's nature videos. And then it becomes MY ideal place of relaxation. Works like a charm. Better than a tranquilizer and, a whole lot healthier.” “Now this is interesting: awhile back when scientists conducted research on meditation, and also the subjects themselves doing the guided meditation exercises, (using vivid imageries such as you see in these videos)..they found that the brain does not discern between the real experience - and the imagined. OK? follows, if you become skillful in this practice, you reap all the benefits of 'actually having been there', mentally, though not 'for real.' It means you can get the healing effect, by watching one of John's incredible videos, completely immerse yourself in sound, and visuals. For help with pain management, stress control, wellness, insomnia, anxiety, transition from addiction to sober and clean - seems like we can all gain something from John's wonderful work!”
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