Woodland Birdsong: Sixteen Glorious Songbirds

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The sounds are from Nick Penny's CD Woodland Birdsong Images by Lawrie Webb except the nightingale by Derek Henderson These are birds you might see or hear in an English wood in spring. Their names (and where they appear in the slideshow) are: (0.00) Songthrush; (0.30) Blackbirds; (1.00) Robin; (1.30) Mistle Thrush; (2.00) Wren; (2.30) Chaffinch; (3.00) Blackcap; (3.35) Cuckoo; (4.00) Rooks; (4.35) Chiffchaff; (5.00) Dunnock; (5.35) Skylark; (6.05) Great Tit; (6.35) Garden Warbler; (7.00) Willow Warbler; (7.35) Nightingale.
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