Teaser Electric Lute by DimitriSideris

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BeforeSOUND | filming Reality \ Live recordings of electric lute, in improvised performances recorded on location. Soundcheck Attempts & contact Info The electric lute is a prototype musical instrument designed and partly made by Dimitris Sideris (GR) deriving from the traditional lute of Crete. Being electrified, with a solid body and keeping characteristics of its acoustic ancestor, through pedal effects and a tube amp, a new sound is produced. In the process of discovering this new sound, 4 unique locations were chosen. A Venecian vaulted chamber , a deserted half built amphitheater and 2 old tannery factories. Dimitris Sideris /artist: Electric Lute Nikos Kefaloyannis /Sound Production /guest artist Dimitris Barnias /guest artist Part of The Documentary Creation: Vassilis Dimitriadis "BeforeSOUND" Executive Production: Vassilis Dimitriadis & Dimitris Sideris Cinematography: Michalis Geranios Aerial cinematography: David Koontz Editing: Stavros Psyllakis Sound Engineering: Nikos Kefaloyannis Production Assistance: Kostas Giatagantzidis Teaser /Direction: Michalis Geranios & Vassilis Dimitriadis /Sound Production & Mastering: Nikos Kefaloyannis *All Rights Reserved by the BeforeSOUND production | filming Reality Berlin June 2016 .
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