Modelling storm surges (Part 2 of 2) - wind inputs - Dr. Ad Stoffelen (KNMI)

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Part 2 of 2 lectures by Dr. Ad Stoffelen (of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) on Modelling Storm Surges, the fundamentals of wind inputs with respect to surge modelling, along with some case study examples. This lecture was given at the eSurge Training course hosted by University College Cork's Coastal & Marine Research Centre, and held in the National Maritime College of Ireland in Cork, February 2014. The course was funded by the European Space Agency through the Data User Element programme, and supported by the World Meterological Organisation, IMERC (the Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster), and the Cork Convention Bureau. Video compiled by Mr. Rory Scarrott of UCC's Coastal & Marine Research Centre.
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