Rainforest - Sounds of floating water - 1 HOUR - NATURE SOUNDS #3 COSTA RICA

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Hello my Friends, Subscribe for my weekly videos: Visit my Website: Find me on Facebook This video is part of my NEW SERIE "Nature Sounds". Nature Sounds is a Show where I present you the most relaxing nature videos with their gorgeous soundscape of real nature and natural ambient sounds from animals, weather phenomena or other natural soundscapes. Due to the fact that I live in Costa Rica it would be a shame not to share this wonderful landscapes and soundscapes with you. Here are many delightful healing sounds out there at beaches, the rainforest, the deeper jungle, waterfalls, or just tranquil nature in the middle of the country. And I am already preparing the next uploads for you. This video I took in the jungle close to our house. I needed to walk / crawl for about 20 minutes downhill to reach the hidden jungle stream. This is an almost untouched river in the middle of the costa Rican Rainforest. I needed to waer rubber boots to get through the jungle because there is no propper way to reach the stream. Enjoy this real and pure Nature Shots, the great Landscape and soothing Soundscape. Support my work and subscribe to my channel that you don´t miss any upload. Stay tuned, keep safe and sound All rights & copyright to this videoclip are owned by Enrico Galvini, CEO BodhiSattvaMusic.
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