3 Hours Relaxing Rain Sounds in a Thunderstorm With Realistic Lightning Flashes ~ Road Trip

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Can't sleep? Need to relax? Love rain and thunderstorms? Thunderspace for YouTube simulates a thunderstorm around you, with stereoscopic 3D audio for headphones and realistic lightning flashes. Turn off the lights and unwind in a thunderstorm! Road Trip: You're sleeping in a car with a panoramic roof. Mesmerized by the thunderstorm above you. Want more? Check out Ambient soundscape rainfall rainy day raindrops hours long relaxing mood for sleeping gentle calming soothing calm sunset hour dark sky cloudy clouds bad weather nature sounds relax lightning distant thunder binaural falling spatial chill sunrise beautiful water white noise masking simulation heavy downpour insomnia insomniac zen concentrate focus stress anti-stress meditation storm stormy raining sleepy study music High Quality
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