Lightning Storm with Rolling Thunder and Rain in the City

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10 hours compilation of spectacular lightning storm at night with thunderstorm, rain sounds and hailstorm in the city. MP3 Download: There's distant traffic because it's recorded in the city (Barcelona, Spain), but it's quite impressive this electrical lightning storm, with lightning bold strike, distant rolling thunder and raining sounds. Works very well for relaxation or meditation as nature sounds, also, you'll like it if you're a passionate of storms or a storm chaser. I don't know if this lightning storm is from a supercell storm or another kind of storm. If there's any meteorologist reading this, all information will be welcomed, I want to learn more about the storms! ^_^ If you like thunderstorm and rain storm videos take a look to this playlist, you'll love it ! Acerting Art is a Relaxing Music Channel with Music and Sounds from Nature indicated for Meditation, Stress Relief and Baby Sleep. Also, is very useful for working, studying, reading a book or another activity that requires focus. SUBSCRIBE if you want more free relaxing videos
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