Episode 18 - Darksiders II 100% Walkthrough: The Gilded Arena Pt. 1

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Tonight we talk to some statues. Subscribe to stay up to date with all of the videos, and to get the Spreadsheet Guide to these videos! Just send me a PM! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 100% Guide Playlist: Achievement/Trophy Guide Playlist: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The copyright of Darksiders is owned fully by THQ, Inc. Made possible by, and special thanks to: This video guide will feature and show how to acquire: 1) All Achievements/Trophies 2) All Book of the Dead Pages 3) All Legendary Items 4) All Relics/Artifacts 5) All Soul Arbiter Scrolls (even though they are not needed to complete the maze) 6) All Boatman Coins 7) All Stonebites 8) All Gnomes 9) Completing all Side Quests 10) Gamestop pre-order additional DLC 11) Strategies and playthough order for NIGHTMARE MODE 12) Additional New Game+ Content after finishing the first quest with all of the above 13) All 100 Waves of the Crucible 14) Future DLC, including Argul's Tomb 15) Anything else I can think of, feel free to make suggestions! Unfortunately the only pre-order content I have is the Death Rides Pack from Gamestop. If anyone would be willing to gift me with any other pre-order codes for any platform (or other special codes), I would really appreciate it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like me on Facebook: Or don't, I'm not actually very interesting.
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