ADDAC101 .WAV player_Demo 1

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The ADDAC101 .WAV player is a very innovative and unique eurorack module. Here digital and analog worlds meet head to head. It uses a standard SD card where your digital samples are stored. (1GB cards work well. I've had trouble with 2GB) They can then be manipulated/ modulated by analog control voltage signals. This demo is of the main volume dial, & top 3 modulation functions that set Loop Size, Initial Position (adjusts the starting point of loop)& Sample Rate (22.050Khz to 100Hz) I'm not using CV in this video ... just the dials. The start of the video demos the SD card test: If the LED blinks and then stays ON it means that something is wrong with the files. if the LED stays ON without blinking first it means the card is not formatted well. If all is OK the LED will Blink a few times then go out. I can switch between files with the lower left button. The lower right switch turns on and off the sample rate function. The ADDAC101 has 2 audio outputs: one pre-VCA (with a pre-volume knob) and one post-VCA (located in the VCA section) This video demos the first only. Note: 1.All audio files must be .wav, mono, 22.050Khz, 16bit. I used Audacity (Soundforge) to convert my loops to this standard. Its free and cross platform. I've used it on Windows & Linux operating systems. I'm sure it works on Mac too. 2.The SD card must be formatted to FAT 16 (File Allocation Table 16). This is a old file structure from the 1980's. Its pretty easy to do on a windows computer. For a mac it may be more complex. This link may be of help: If anyone knows how to do this do let me know. I'll post any updates as they appear. 3. the files have to be named correctly. A,B,C etc to Z. then 0 to 9. after this AA, BB,CC etc etc..... to ZZ Thanks to Matt of rhythmActive for the WavePlayer
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