Snowy Owl in the Laundry Room

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I received a call from a friend at the UW Stevens Point that several snowy owls had set up winter residence on the runways of Central Wisconsin Airport near Wausau, Wisconsin. This is a dangerous situation for both owls and planes alike. They needed volunteers to help trap the birds and help move them to a safer area. Two days of watching traps from the inside of a car, and this young adult male finally was caught. I volunteered my farm as a release site and after seeing it the bander decided it was the perfect place. The first boy arrived this morning and was fitted with a radio tracker and then released. That sounds easy but it actually took two hours of careful work to get him prepared and then set free. An amazing day with a snowy owl and friends and family in my laundry room (the owl felt the most comfortable there). And then to see him take to flight...words can not express how beautiful freedom is.
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