[Tut] Little Maid 1.7.10 Installing Sounds and Models & New AT875 Shotgun Mic

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Links: I'm using my Audio Technica AT875 Shotgun Microphone plugged into my Zoom H6 with no filter, gates or mixing done. _____________________________________________________ Little Maid Sounds: Little Maid Techtures 1.7.2 (might work with 1.7.10) [1.7.2]_Little_Maid_Tectures.rar Little Maid 1.7.2 Download: Little Maid 1.7.10 Download: Little maid Download: 1.6.4: MMLib 1.6.4 Download: __________________________________________________ Please Subscribe, Like, Rate and Comment Follow Lounge Gaming our main channel/other media, if you enjoyed this episode here: I"ll usually be Live Streaming for Lounge Gaming, but feel free to also follow me here on:
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