Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 - Audio Recording Issues (Grinding Noise) and Audio Examples

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In this video I am presenting the problem with the grinding (whirring) sound generated by the camera and how it affects the audio recorded by the camera. This sound (or noise) is constantly present as soon as you turn on the camera and it gets picked up by the built-in camera microphone during the video recording. You can hear and compare the audio recorded with this camera and the audio recorded with an external handheld digital recorder (Tascam DR-40), an external microphone and an older camera model from Panasonic (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35). Intro: Audio Examples: My reviews on Amazon: English: German / Deutsch: Copyright © 2016 Goran Dzambazov / Горан Џамбазов You are welcome to share this video using only the original YouTube link from this channel. Any unauthorized copying, re-uploading, modification, alteration, editing and distribution of this material or parts of it is prohibited, unless expressly authorized by the copyright owner. Please ask for written authorization / permission if you are interested to include parts of this video to your project. Additional tags (Deutsch): Schleifgeräusch, Tongeräusch, Geräusch, Betriebsgeräusch, mahlendes Geräusch, röchelndes Geräusch, Bemerkungen, Mikrofon, Audio beim Videoaufnehmen,
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