*pg. 2 -- girl, senior, 2016

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*pages - pg. 2 in her senior year, a girl reflects upon the love another has given to her. she asks if it is selfish not to love her back for the sake of getting ahead, insisting that self-preservation is inherent in human nature. --- a project called *pages - read about it here: ... - send me your pages: or -- words (submitted by a reader): “I feel like every day I'm on a journey to find myself. And with this journey comes a path, a path I know nothing about, a path I feel I will never find. I roam aimlessly searching for me but have yet to reach what I'm looking for. I have a lot to be happy about but I'm not content. I feel empty, lost even. That is until I found her. I am not in love with her. But I do love how I'm finding myself through her. And I might sound like I'm using her and manipulating her as a vehicle on my journey. But I don't think I am. I feel less empty. I feel less lost. A sense of clarity has become natural to me because of her. So why? Why don't I love her? I'm selfish. I let her love and care and passion for me help me along my journey. But once I give that love back, I might be helping her. And I'm not the type to help others before I help myself. It may sound evil. But it's not. It's human nature. Protect yourself first. Get what you need and get ahead. But sometimes I also think why get ahead if at the end of my journey is the end of me?” -- music: silence of siberia - lowercase noises
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