★ 2 HOURS !!! ★ Early Morning in Tuscany Country, Nature Ambiance, White Noise, Relax

Get this sound with YouTube MP3jam Download FREE zen music, binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, real space sounds and more... ★ 2 HOURS !!! ★ Early Morning in Tuscany Country, Nature Ambiance, White Noise, Relax Our channel is the top youtube destination for binaural beats and other types of healing sounds, such as white noise, celestial white noise, womb sounds (to soothe your baby and yourself) and ambient & relaxing music for meditation, study or sleep. We create long-length instrumental tracks carefully designed to encourage brain function and to enhance concentration. It's also very good for spa and massage therapy and healing music therapy. We also use binaural beats (Delta, Alpha, Theta and Beta Waves) to naturally stimulate states of relaxation and meditation. We also use natural soundscapes, such as: rain, forest, ocean, wind and many other beautiful healing ang calming sounds for relaxation. Our channel is popular for: ► Binaural Beats: We present "perfect" and pure, long length binaural beats, for any purpose, including astral travel, lucid dreaming, sexual stimulation, healing and more... Base frequency of our binaural beats always represents a higher octave of the binaural frequency itself. That's why we consider our binaural beats "perfect". ► Sleep Music: Our sleep music videos have been designed to relax and calm your body and mind. We specialized music for babies - on our channel you will find many beautiful videos with white noise, baby lullabies, nature sounds, classical music (Mozart Effect), all designed to calm your baby and yourself. Our calming music includes relaxing sounds of nature to get you into a peaceful, deep sleep. ►Relaxation, Meditation and Healing Music: Our healing music is great for chakra cleansing, third eye opening, transcedental feeling and all types of meditation (Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Deepak Chopra or Eckhart Tolle meditation. It contains many elements of Indian meditation music, Japanese meditation music, Tibetan music and Shamanic music. ►Zen, Reiki, Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Music: It's great for Reiki healing sessions and improving a state of Zen. With it's calming, peaceful, meditative sounds, it can bring you to higher states of consciousness. ► Massage and Spa Music: Relax and take a break from work with our ambient, easy listening, instrumental music. Beautiful piano notes by Debussy or some other composer will help you to get ultimate relaxation and also can be used for spa, massage, tai massage etc. ►Nature Sounds: We offer many beautiful nature soundscapes, such as: rain sounds, ovean sounds, city soundscapes, countryside soundscapes, wind, snow, summer, forest, fire, crowd and many many more, that you can use for relaxation, meditation, sleep or anything you like. ►Celestial White Noise: Famous, strange and amazing real sounds of space, recorded by NASA Voyager. You are about to hear actual near-Earth space (planets and rings) sounds - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Miranda, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Moon, Earth etc. Prepare to be spellbound by these unreal, but authentic and true space sounds. You can't find better music for relaxation, meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection or any sort of mystical or religious expirience. Sit back, put your earphones on and enjoy in this unique expirience! - Visit our web Musica Zen: for more zen music and musique zen
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