Dirty Water

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This is how you use a soap dispincer in California. This was at the Concord Mall in Concord California. This was just for fun so don't be retarded. This may look very gay but sometimes to be clean you have to be dirty. Nancy Shurtz, a Univ. of Oregon Law School professor who teaches tax law, mentioned to her Federal Income Tax class that it was her dream to hear a tax rap song. 2L Jumane Redway remembered her request while studying one day, and filed a set of edu-taining rock and roll lyrics. Well it wasn't a rap song, but Jumane's efforts - with few exemptions - had his classmates clapping to the G-I beat. Prof. Shurtz's inspiration provided the spark that produced a tax anthem that will resonate through the walls of Fed Tax classrooms for many fiscal years to come.
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